About Us

The Island Men were formed to help provide the community with a Men’s Group whose members are dedicated to helping support small local charities and numerous children’s educational, civic and athletic activities and programs within our community.  Our organization this year numbers over 190 members who are committed to help improve the quality of life in our community. We host a number of fun and entertaining annual events to raise money that we distribute to the local charities and children’s activities we support. Those events include: The Missed Pleasure Island Pageant, The Carolina Beach Dragon Boat Regatta, The Pleasure Island Mac & Cheese Festival, The Backyard BBQ Cook Off, The Island Men Scholarship Golf Tournament and the now famous Halloween Golf Cart Extravaganza.
Over the years the Island Men have help paint the Carolina Beach Rescue Station, The Caroline Beach Gazebo as well as provided the labor to build Santa’s Workshop and provide volunteers for Summer Season Fireworks Safety Patrols, The Annual Disabled Fishing Tournaments and Volunteers for the LoTide Run Fund-Raiser. We annually sponsor a day of fishing and serve up lunch for a number of families who are selected to travel to Pleasure Island for a week of fun and family togetherness hosted by the Little Pink Houses of Hope.

Our donations reach out to organizations like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pleasure Island Youth Baseball/Softball, The Carolina Beach Grade School, Martha’s Kitchen, The Katie B. Hines Senior Center, Education Without Walls, Island Time After School Daycare and Summer Camp Programs, Carolina Beach Police Youth Bike Rodeo, The American Legion and Pleasure Island Day of Hope and others based on need.

We have initiated a long-term local student college/trade school scholarship program implemented in 2020.  We awarded thousand dollar scholarships to 5 students in each of the first two years of the program and in 2022 we increased the number of scholarship awards to 10 students and we have already funded our scholarship fund for 2023.  

We take pride in putting smiles on the faces of children, residents and visitors with our now famous Annual Island Men Halloween Themed Golf Cart Extravaganza.  We continue to support our local community in other ways by participating in our annual Carolina Beach Christmas Parade and Christmas Flotilla and other family focused community events.

Our Volunteers are recognized annually for the help we provide with weekly fireworks safety patrols throughout the Summer Season. 

Successful fundraisers in the first six months of 2022 have allowed our organization to surpass our forecasted and budgeted donations targeted for this year. This is giving us the opportunity to give even more back to our community including:

  • A 3rd Recordex Interactive Computer learning system to the Carolina Beach Elementary School.
  • Food to the Help Center to help feed 125 families and neighbors on the Island for the Holidays.  
  • Donations to Ocean Cure as well as our volunteers who swept the Beach Access Mats on Wednesday Evenings during the Summer Season
  •  A large donation to the After School and Summer Camp Programs at Island Time Drop and Play to help those families who need after school daycare for their young children but need some assistance to make ends meet.
  • Sponsorship for an identified at-risk teenager, living at the poverty level, to participate and join in a now well known year round mentoring and outbound activity based  “Education Without Walls” Program in our area. 

and the list goes on as we try to help those less fortunate and also continue to volunteer to help fulfill a fun day on the water or fishing for those with disabilities.

Our Mailing Address:

Island Men, Inc

P.O. Box 1721

Carolina Beach, NC 28428